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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Candid Writing Moment with award-winning writer Carlene Havel

"The Scarlet Cord has a minor character who is a peculiar mixture of good and evil.  She rescues the young Rahab from slavery, only to force the girl into prostitution.  After extensive research, co-author Sharon Faucheux found no ancient name both of us liked for this woman. Then I heard a Spanish word that sounded right. And the meaning?  “Riata” is Spanish for a lariat, a lasso, a rope with a noose at one end used to capture livestock.  We had our character’s name!" 
Award-winning writer, Carlene Havel
co-author of The Scarlet Cord

Rahab, a resourceful beauty, struggles to survive in the pagan culture of ancient Jericho. As years of harsh labor begin to lift her and her family from poverty, a foreign army threatens the well-fortified city. Rahab is forced to make an immediate decision. Will she put her faith in the fabled walls of Jericho or the powerful God of the Hebrews? Either choice may cost her life.


  1. That's an interesting tidbit. I wondered as I read the book where you came up with the names that weren't in the Bible. Good choice!

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Biblical Fiction September 5, 2014
    By Victoria Pitts Caine
    Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
    As with their previous novel, Daughter of the King, I was driven to the Word to find the historical implication of the story. The Silver Cord unfolds as a very young Rahab learns the painful ways her family survives: her sisters are being sold into slavery or sacrificed to a nonexistent god. The struggle to endure in Jericho causes her parents to make harsh, uncaring choices.
    Rahab runs from her family, making her own way and eventually saves them all. The life of Rahab is at the very core of truth as how an imperfect person, once a harlot can inherit the Kingdom.
    Havel and Faucheux detailed events of everyday life in Jericho brought this story to fruition for this reader. No detail was left unattended from the description of the clothing, foods, and living quarters making the historical correctness of the story significantly believable.
    I highly recommend The Silver Cord to readers of Historical Biblical Fiction. You will not be disappointed in this touching and monumental story.


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