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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Candid Writing Moment with Josie Riviera

"A Gypsy grave might not be the first item on the list of a typical tourist, especially when visiting Northern Ireland. But a dear friend thought otherwise because the stories told in a graveyard are sometimes the most important.

This was the incentive I needed to continue my research regarding one of the most fascinating people in the world--The Romany, or Gypsies. Their culture, food, religion, superstitions, and beliefs, as well as the fact that they wander from place to place with no true home, is the basis for numerous tales--both real and imagined.

Seeking Patience is a Regency inspirational romance featuring a Gypsy hero and a widowed countess."

 Josie Riviera,
author of Seeking Patience

Do people prove their self-worth by strength, or by character?

A Romany leader confronts the English heritage he has denied when he lands, beaten and powerless, in the path of a high-spirited young widow. Will the prim countess agree to hide the charismatic rogue in her home and jeopardize her safety while her stepson accuses her of murdering her elderly husband?

Patience Blakwell is not beautiful. As a dutiful young countess in Regency England, she endures her husband’s cruelty. She struggles with her faith, trying to understand why God is not following the plan she had for her life—to be loved and cherished by her husband. After her husband’s unexpected death, her grown stepson charges her with her late husband’s murder.

Luca Boldor, more Gypsy than English, is determined to prove that he is strong and capable and doesn’t need anyone. But once he is forced to depend on Lady Patience Blakwell, a woman who represents all he loathes, he must decide whether he should turn away when she needs him, or risk his most vulnerable, forgiving self to keep her safe. By denying his English heritage, has he denied a part of himself?
Blurb from Seeking Patience

Multi-award-winning author Josie Riviera is a mother of three grown children. She spends her days teaching piano, lending an ear to her teenage daughter’s ongoing drama, and, of course, writing. Josie and her family are transplanted upstate New Yorkers, now living in the sunny state of SC. She writes character-driven novels filled with inspiration and emotion. 
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  1. It's amazing what "little" things can spark the imagination!

  2. So true, Carlene. Thanks for reading!

  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars A Lady and her Gypsy November 14, 2012
    By Jutzie TOP 1000 REVIEWER
    Format:Kindle Edition
    Seeking Patience by Josie Riviera
    1813 England

    Luca Boldor leader of a Roma tribe. Half English, half Romany ends up in a bit of a mess after a run in with Marko, the leader of another tribe. With a hurt leg and beaten to an inch of his life he manages to find escape within the home of one of the English he hates. Only this widowed noblewoman has Luca realizing maybe there are some English with hearts.

    Lady Patience Blakwell finds it disturbing that she feels a pull towards the handsome and dark Gypsy. She is troubled feeling anything towards a man who is neither her husband nor God fearing and yet for the first time in many years she feels safe. Her late husband was cruel and her stepson is accusing her of murdering his father so that she cannot collect her share of the money from his estate.

    Two worlds collide in Ipswich. Patience who was born to polite society and Luca who was rejected by those very same people and is more comfortable with his Romany nomad side. A unique tale that is more than the difference between rich or poor, titled or untitled. A beautiful story is weaved as Luca is drawn to God through the beauty of the woman who has treated him kindly. There is much betrayal, hatred and struggles of being honor bound to one side or the other. I really enjoyed this book.


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