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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Candid Writing Moment with Lindsey Paley

"In October 2012, to celebrate a special milestone birthday, my family treated me to a short trip to New York. I was more than excited! We booked to take in a Broadway show (Mama Mia), to cruise the harbour, visit the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue (Tiffany’s!) and ride the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building - all items on my ‘Wish List’.
It got me thinking about ‘Bucket Lists’ as I started to add more items to replace those achieved. Not just trips but other things such as being an extra in a TV show or movie, to take Afternoon Tea at The Ritz, to go to Ladies Day at the local Racecourse, to get my golf handicap….I could go on.
But then, guess what happened? New York and the surrounding areas were hit by one of the biggest hurricanes ever to hit the North East shores of USA - Hurricane Sandy. All transport was grounded and we were stranded for five days unable to return to the UK. Holed up in our Times Square hotel, at a loose end, I began to scribble the bones of a story about ‘wish lists’ but decided to toss them on their heads by exploring what would happen if my Protagonist was forced to ditch her copious list and made to fly without their safety net. How would she deal with what life throws at her?
We eventually grabbed a plane home having had an unexpected ‘adventure’ rather than the four day break intended, but with the plot of a new novel - The Wish List Addiction’ in my suitcase and a setting for a second - ‘Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels?’!" Lindsey Paley, author of 
                                                                                               The Wish List Addiction

Rebecca Mathews is a Listoholic—you name it, she has a 'To Do' list for it. Coupled with her daily 'Must Achieve' List, she possesses a mid-term, creatively drawn 'Wish List' and an exhaustively-researched 'Bucket List'. But so far, they have delivered nothing but spectacular failure.
With her much-loved career exploded in her face, her marriage terminated in an acrimonious divorce and her frail father's pleas to return to her native Northumberland ignored, Rebecca concludes that if it wasn't for her beloved four-year-old son, Max, she would be adding a trip to a Swiss clinic to her list.

A sparkle of light appears in Rebecca's life wrapped in the guise of 'The Little Green Book of Wishes', which challenges the reader to 'ditch the list' and instead to use its gems of wisdom as a 'dip in/dip out' lucky bag of challenges from all areas of life.

Persuaded by her colleagues to relinquish her obsessive reliance on her multiple lists, cast adrift from their reassuring structure, she agrees to complete random tasks selected for her from the 'little emerald book of miracles'.

Will it deliver the desired result and cure Rebecca of her Wish List Addiction?
The Little Green Book of Wishes is a 'Dip in/Dip out' goody bag of sparkling gems featured in the novel 'The Wish List Addiction' written by Lindsey Paley.
It challenges the avid listoholic to ditch the daily 'To Do List' and the minutely researched 'Bucket List' and replace them with a less rigid approach to amassing those golden coins of happiness, reminding us that the achievement of happiness does not lie in gathering financial wealth but in the connections we make with others.

The Little Green Book of Wishes covers such diverse challenges as 'Wishes with Children' - kite making, den building, bread baking; 'Wishes with Partners' - meeting, kissing, romancing; 'Wishes with Friends' - relaxing, drinking, swishing and 'Wishes for the World' - volunteering, donating, sponsoring.

In 'The Wish List Addiction' Rebecca Mathews is challenged by her colleagues, Deb and Nathan, to delve into new experiences selected from the little green book that with her adherence to her carefully drafted 'Wish List' she would never have contemplated, let alone enjoyed!

So - What's on your Wish List? Why not 'ditch the list' and 'Dip into the Little Green Book of Wishes'?

The Little Green Book Of Wishes is featured in The Wish List Addiction.


  1. I've been in hurricanes before, nothing like Hurricane Sandy. Would have been scared to death and they are life changers. Lindsey, I will definitely read "The Wish List Addiction" but am intrigued by the sequel's title "Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels?"

    DiAne Gates

  2. Just goes to show - it's an ill wind that blows no good!

  3. Wow! You have much to write about :) I love your cover, by the way--I sort of want to live in that house...


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