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Sunday, February 11, 2018

He's about to give Lynn a painful lesson on running away...

Lynn thought putting distance between herself and her mother was healthy. Then she met Greg. He not only understands the meaning of running away from his problems, he's about to give her a painful lesson on the subject.

Runaway Hearts by [Cogan, Karen]


Lynn hummed as she mixed cocoa into her homemade brownie mixture. Tomorrow was Friday, the last workday before school started on Monday. She’d need to smuggle the brownies into Greg’s homeroom in the morning to surprise him. Then, she would feel like she had given him proper thanks for all the help he’d given her.

She grinned to herself, anticipating his pleasure about the brownies, as she pulled them out of the oven. She’d checked ten times to make sure she hadn’t burned them. When she took them out, a toothpick inserted in the center assured her they were moist and chewy.

In the morning, she wrapped them in foil and set off for work. She skidded to a halt at the doorway of Greg’s classroom. Nothing had prepared her for the sight that met her eyes.

Josie sat facing Greg, perched on his desk. Tears glistened in her luminous eyes as Lynn overheard her say, “I’ve never been so hurt. A stranger comes along and everything changes. I know flirting when I see it.” 

“It’s your imagination.” He leaned forward, shamefully composed from where he sat in one of his student’s chairs.

Josie sniffed. “I see all the help she’s being given. It’s not just because she’s new on the job.”

Lynn’s mouth went dry. She took a step backwards. The last thing she wanted was to intrude upon this intimate scene. She longed to disappear into the floor, along with the brownies, which suddenly seemed to weigh fifty pounds.

Her heart filled with anger at this stab of betrayal. Apparently, Greg thrived on breaking women’s hearts. Well, she had news for him. He wouldn’t get a chance with hers.

She turned to leave. Making the brownies had been a silly idea.

She heard Greg say, “Lynn, did you want something?”

He sounded friendly.

She backed away from the door. She didn’t want anything from him—not now, not ever! She would stay as far away from Greg Martin as physically possible, which would be difficult since they worked together.

“I only came by to say, ‘Hi’,” she called over her shoulder.

“I’ll be by your room later to drop off some extra pencils and glue,” he answered.

Lynn set her teeth. If he did, he wouldn’t find a warm welcome. She could never be serious about a man who toyed with women’s feelings.

She hid the brownies in the top drawer of her desk, shutting them in with a thump, and wishing she could shut Greg out of her life as easily. 

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