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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It's the beginning of a new era

       I'm excited to announce episode one of my clean, inspirational science fiction series, Bring Me To Life, is live as of February 13, 2018. This marks the beginning of a new era in my life, one where I bid goodbye to comfort zones. 

With the passing of Bill SD-21, anyone who can’t take care of them self is considered a hot commodity to be auctioned off. 

Brink suspects his last two family members—his elderly grandmother and his kid brother—have attracted the government’s attention and if he doesn’t bring them home they’ll end up dead... Or worse!

Jouelle is terrified her bedridden husband isn’t going to recover from his motorcycle injuries. What she doesn’t realize is she’s drawn the wrong kind of interest from someone with powerful friends.

BRING ME TO LIFE is an inspirational science fiction, sweet-romance series.

Because I'm a very private person, most people aren't aware that July 2017 became one of the most devastating times of my life. I lost most of the hearing in my left ear. Sometimes it feels if my head is divided in two, one side normal, the other tormented with crackling noises and high-pitched screeching. 

This loss sent me hurtling down a long road of depression, which ultimately affected my sleep. Sleep never did come easily for me, I'm super sensitive to food and medications. If it has side effects, I'll get 'em. A clean diet is my best defense, but there's another challenge...

I'm still praying and hoping for a miracle for restoration, but at this point I'm hearing impaired. 

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with my latest book. Well, I figured, why should I be the only one facing a trial? Why shouldn't one of the protagonists in my new series feel a little bit of what I'm going through?

Brink is a good guy trying to help the last two remaining members of his family, but how boring would it be if everything went smoothly for him? He needed a painful pinch. 
So he got one.

Here's an excerpt from Bring Me To Life, 
episode 1:


He’d failed.
Brink Yonge stepped outside the boardroom of Madelyn Enterprises on rubbery legs. The door closed softly but firmly behind him.
The words of one of the potential backers continued to roll through his mind on a non-stop loop.
“A year ago, we would have snapped up your program, but with the passing of Bill SD-21, it wouldn’t make any sense for us. Perfect waste of funds. Sorry.”
He’d slaved for seven years. Made sacrifices he couldn’t afford. For what? Utter and complete failure.
Running his quivering palm over his shaved jaw, his mind became a kaleidoscope of thoughts.
How was he going to tell his kid brother that his last hope to come home had been denied?
And affording a personal care worker for his grandmother, who was residing in the local hospital on a temporary basis, was now out of the question. Essentially, the loss of revenue his software would have generated meant his two remaining family members would never again live under the same roof with him.
Loneliness opened its large cavernous mouth before him, and he choked on a sob.
He hitched up his black dress slacks in a way that had become habit. The waistband drooped immediately, threatening to pool at his feet.
He’d lived on air, water, and the stale bread he’d bought at the local discount store so he could feed his project. A gaunt 130 pounds was not a good look for a man who was almost six feet tall with a hockey player’s physique.
He couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten a decent meal. Going hungry seemed like a small sacrifice for the sake of getting this project to completion.
Mind blank, he didn’t know how long he stood in the spacious hallway. It was the ringing of a telephone in the distance that brought him back to his surroundings. He blinked and pushed away from the door to head to the elevator.
When he exited the building, he gravitated to the nearest bench and sank onto it. Dark clouds set up a blockade in the sky, refusing to budge for a single ray of sunshine. Though the temperature was a mild fifteen Celsius, he shivered in his heavy coat. His gaze dropped to the damp pavement before closing his eyes.
He’d put so much stock in selling his program, but because of the passing of one bill his plans had died instantly. The money he couldn’t afford to throw away and sleep deprivation for what?
Bill SD-21, he silently sneered. The lazy man’s way to make a quick buck off the back of family.
The love of money is the root of all evil.

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