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Monday, April 9, 2018

A mail order bride with no intention of marrying...

No One's Bride (Escape to the West Book 1) by [Leigh, Nerys]

No One's Bride (Escape to the West Book 1)

#1 bestseller in Women's Christian Fiction, Women's Religious Fiction , and Western & Frontier Christian Romance!

A mail order bride with no intention of marrying, a young postmaster determined to change her mind.

The last thing Amy wants is a husband, but her only hope of escape from a dangerous situation is to answer postmaster Adam Emerson's advertisement for a bride.

When her desperate plan to trick Adam into paying her way across the country goes awry, her guilty conscience compels her to stay in the small Californian town of Green Hill Creek to find a way to repay him the cost of the train fare before she moves on. The trouble is, she's completely unprepared for the effect of his kindness, charm, wit, and ridiculously blue eyes.

As her dream of a new life in San Francisco begins to falter and her past catches up with her, can Amy hold onto the one thing she never thought she'd want but now can't bear to lose?

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